Rob Burke

Director of Ad Operations

Being an agency leader in 2020 is as hard as hell. Your focus is split between client acquisition, process enhancement, campaign performance, timely communication, detailed but easy-to-digest reporting, and everything in between… it’s hard… but it’s not impossible.

I’m not here to stand in front of a rented Ferrari to tell you about how easy it easy to growth hack your business or how you’ll be able to generate passive income. If these are your goals and you’re looking for your guru of the day I wish you the best, but passive income is the antithesis of what our company, Conduit Digital stands for.

We are passionate, not passive…
We are here to put the work in to build a partnership, not to growth hack…
(is it obvious I’m a big fan of the ellipses…)

We have expert teams in 9 different channel areas of digital marketing, we have the friendliest and most efficient client experience team you could ask for, and we drive real-world results for your clients. We’re not click sellers, we want to make your client’s register ring because every client that chooses to work with us honors us with their trust, and we’re going to work our asses off to earn, and re-earn that trust, every day.

As Director of Ad-Ops, my role is to ensure the Conduit Suite of Services continues to evolve in a holistic and industry-leading direction. Vetting the best platforms and strategic partnerships to introduce into our Suite of Services is a crucial aspect of accomplishing this goal. My team of Ad-Ops geniuses has grown to over 40 and I look forward to seeing each and every one of them blossom into industry rockstars!

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Conduit fastest growing 2020

Proudest Moment

Building Conduit as a business helping more than 100+ successful agencies nationwide scale.

Conduit fastest growing 2020

Who Inspires You

Our Partner Agencies

A Learning Experience

Becoming Google Display, Adwords, and Analytics Certified as a team.

Conduit fastest growing 2020

Collaboration is Key

We work hard as a team to ensure the Conduit Suite of Services continues to evolve in a holistic and industry-leading direction. We make sure to vet the best platforms and strategic partnerships to make sure our Suite of Services is yours, too.

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