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Project Denali: Taking Your Agency to the Summit

Aug 16, 2021

Helping Agencies Scale to New Summits

Introducing Project Denali

When you picture a successful agency, what do you see?

Proving you’re the best agency in the market.

Landing and expanding a longstanding client roster.

Offering the most complete and innovative suite of digital solutions.

Deploying the highest-performing team to manage your clients’ campaigns.

You see your agency at the top of the summit. However, on the way to reach your destination, as the slope becomes rockier, the path can seem less clear.

For you to reach that summit, it takes drive, planning, and grit. This requires having the right expertise, tools, and resources to not only help you get there but also get through the obstacles along the path.

The Conduit Digital Team shares that drive and vision with you. That’s what we and our agency network are all about: Reaching the summit and gearing up to climb to the next one.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to Project Denali. 

What is Project Denali?

Over the past year, we have spoken with nearly 1,000 agency leaders about their pain points on their journey towards scalability. We’ve taken that feedback, digested it, and used it to refine our product offering, processes, and reporting capabilities to drive a better partner experience. Literally thousands of combined hours later, our team has built new infrastructure to help you reach where you want to go more effectively.

We decided to name this initiative Project Denali after Mount Denali – the highest mountain peak in the United States. This best reflects our shared vision to help your agency reach new heights and continue to scale from there. By offering world-class products and services, backed by refined processes and enhanced reporting, we believe this will effectively support this goal.

World-changing brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon do not settle for “good enough,” and neither do we. We will never stop innovating or improving what we can do to offer your agency a better experience as our partner. 

How We Made it Happen

The Most Complete Product Suite for Today’s Clients

As part of launching Project Denali, we are excited to offer two new products in addition to our existing suite of digital solutions: Programmatic Audio and our new Landing Page Library.

Want to reach listeners on digital audio channels like podcasts, music streaming services, and internet radio? We’ll ensure that your ads are reaching audiences on podcasts relevant to your client’s industry by leveraging advanced targeting tactics you’ve come to expect from other programmatic campaigns. From location to online behavior, demographic data, and beyond, we can align your campaign execution with intended end goals seamlessly.

Our Landing Page Library features a broad range of dynamic landing page layouts, designed in-house by our Catalyst Creative Team. Each one can be customized and completely white-labeled to your client’s business. Want us to write the copy for the page? We can do that too!

With a more engaging landing page that prioritizes user experience, you can ensure that your campaigns are better communicating the unique value of your client’s business to drive the key performance actions that you measure success by.

Also in the new creative library we have ready to use examples for not only landing pages, but also display and social ad templates to complete and support your holistic campaigns.

More Seamless Campaign Onboarding

We’re just as excited to launch your campaign as you are. From your initial insertion order with Conduit to onboarding more clients in the future, we have improved this process to ensure everyone is better aligned at launch.

Engineering Campaigns from KPA’s

Rather than operating from a perspective of what your client’s campaign “should” do, we are building campaigns to meet your client’s specific business goals. We will begin with the end in mind and build a roadmap that drives audiences toward their intended outcome. You tell us what your client wants to accomplish, and we’ll custom-build a campaign that supports it.

Enhanced Data Reporting and Transparency

Our signature 24/7 Live Reports have received a major overhaul as part of Project Denali. We have improved our internal processes so that our analysts can provide you with more data and insights than ever before. This will allow you to more easily and thoroughly track granular performance metrics tied to your client’s specific business goals with real-time commentary from our expert product analysts with an updated user interface design for an optimal experience.

Project Denali is Here. Let’s Get Started.

Project Denali is our new standard for continuing to innovate, and we are excited to roll it out across all of our agency partnerships. To learn more about what we can bring to your own agency, visit our partnership page or schedule your agency growth call today. 









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