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Announcing the Definitive Podcast for Digital Agency Leaders

Oct 14, 2021

Welcome to Agency Talk

It started with Marcus and Tim saying “You know what would be really good? If we had a show together.”

Fast-forward almost a year later, and they’ve finally made it happen! We’re excited to share with you AgencyTalk: The ultimate podcast for digital agency leaders and decision-makers. Each episode, Marcus Murphy (CEO, The Five Percent) and Tim  Burke (CEO, Conduit Digital) dive deep into the most pressing pain points that digital agencies are dealing with on a day-in, day-out basis.

Watch the Intro to AgencyTalk:

Actionable Ideas Only! No Theoretical Musings. No Ivory Towers.

AgencyTalk isn’t a typical, buttoned-up marketing podcast. Instead, it’s a very real look at in-the-trenches topics based on Tim’s hundreds of conversations with agency leaders around the world.

Marcus and Tim want to build a tribe of listeners who share a passion for agency growth and want to create opportunities for themselves. Each week, they’re going to offer listeners actionable ideas that they can implement at their own agency to build toward their goals for scale.

Why Start AgencyTalk?

Marcus and Tim both believe agencies are the backbone of a business. Anytime a business launches a successful marketing campaign, there’s often an incredible agency team behind it.

Agency owners often feel like they’re the only people who think about their business at the end of the day. They invest so many hours of their lives thinking about their clients’ companies, and it can feel isolating when it seems like you are the only person who cares as much as you do about your own brand.

That changes with AgencyTalk. This is a podcast by agency leaders for agency leaders hosted by two people that love your craft as much as you do.

What to Expect from AgencyTalk

Marcus and Tim are going to cover a wide spectrum of topics that directly impact agency decision-makers. These can include subjects like:

  • Managing capacity during one of the greatest hiring shortages in American history

  • Mastering trending digital tactics to drive measurable results for your client’s campaigns

  • What to do when those client red-alert moments happen at your agency

  • Scaling your agency (profitably!)

  • And many, many more!

How to Tune In

AgencyTalk will be available on YouTube as well coming soon to all major audio streaming platforms. Watch, listen – it’s your choice!









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