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  • We do not, Conduit Digital works with established and successful agencies looking to scale. The typical Conduit Digital agency manages Total Monthly Digital Billing of at least $30,000 (Includes Platform Spend and Agency Fees to your agency).

  • An agency ad operations partner, like Conduit, allows your agency to run omnichannel solutions through one partnership. We typically do not work with agencies looking to sell, or supplement, a single digital marketing channel. Our true value is in providing elite digital marketing performance across 20 digital marketing services and channels, through one turnkey partnership!

  • The typical Conduit agency manages Total Monthly Digital Billing of at least $30,000 (Includes Platform Spend and Agency Fees) and can be as high as $2MM+ per month. Conduit is built to help successful agencies scale through elite performance and communication, and we need time and budget to be able to provide this level of performance.  We accept accounts with budgets as small as $1,000 per platform, however, if your agency is comprised of mostly this size account we may not be the best fit.

  • The agency onboarding to get live and working typically can happen in as little as a week, with a full training and onboarding being completed within the first month of signing up!

  • We onboard accounts in 5 business days upon receipt of the Insertion Order! In order to meet this fast timeline we ask for all access and assets to be provided within the form so our team can hit the ground running once we have the kickoff call.

  • Absolutely not! Conduit is located halfway between New York and Philly on the Jersey Shore, we have a vast talent pool to pull from and every Conduit analyst is in-office at least three days a week to foster as collaborative an environment as possible!

  • The best! We provide the industry-leading dashboard (built completely custom by our Conduit team) for your accounts, and we also provide a written monthly recap within the first four business days of every month for every account!

  • White label means that our team will perform the hands-on-keyboard management of your client's digital marketing campaigns, while your team will handle the account relationship and strategy/direction. 

Finding the right Partner for your Agency is not speed dating! At Conduit, Partnership is our North Star and we realize that partnerships are built on trust and with every positive expectation. We are not "right" for every agency and every agency is not right for us.

Elite-Level Digital Performance starts with just $845 a month.

Your Conduit Connection Retainer is a fixed monthly fee, no matter how many accounts you have us work on. For roughly 20% of the cost of an Administrative Assistant our retainer delivers all of the agency benefits identified below.

For more on the value your Conduit Connection Retainer delivers, please scroll below.


Teamwork Project Management Platform

Teamwork Project Management Platform is the singular location for all your campaign progress and communication, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for running successful campaigns.

Monthly Agency Portfolio Zoom Calls

Monthly Agency Portfolio Zoom Calls are your opportunity to discuss your agency account portfolio performance and growth, share lead quality, and converse about account direction and client temperature checks.


Slack Channel

For fast-paced agency life, a Slack Channel will be created between your ARM and your agency team. Here, you can reach out to us if you need to receive quick answers and address any immediate questions. 

Client Experience Team

Agency Relationship Manager

Scheduled real-time agency-level discussions to guide your scale journey, serving as your agency's right hand and primary contact for everything non-campaign related.



Your dedicated point of contact for your entire agency portfolio, they are the central control for all your agency's campaigns and your direct contact in Teamwork!

Account Onboarding Specialist

Right there to be a helping hand in the onboarding process to make sure your account is ready to go from the start.



Product Playbook

Conduit offers a suite of 20 digital products, and they are fully articulated in all their glory in this tremendously detailed product manual for all your pre-sales preparation needs. 


Financial Dashboard

Scheduled spend, agency trends, and more. Always have the financial details of your business with Conduit at your fingertips for the most transparent financial white label pricing. 



Your Ask Conduit Help Center offers 24/7 access to over a decade of FAQs on Conduit processes, digital tactics, and product verticals, allowing you to focus more on account direction. 

Sales Support



Use our margin calculator as a central resource when marking up our services to create more profit margins for your agency!



Conduit Quick Quotes are used to provide channel specific budget estimates based on impressions share or market reach.


Story Library

Our success now becomes your success, we have a library by industry at your disposal!

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Once your agency is connected with Conduit, via the Conduit Connection Retainer, your agency only pays for work we do in executing your client campaigns. Conduit Digital’s 11+ years of white label experience inspired the most flexible yet easy to understand pricing model in the industry, and backs it with best in class performance. Our Digital Marketing Services Rate Card is a single page and the most truly transparent rate structure in the industry! 

The industry’s most competitive rate card.


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