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Digital Marketing Case Study: Skyrocketing Sales For Our Clients

May 13, 2020

Conduit Digital is dedicated to creating incredible success for both our Agency Partners and their end-clients. In this campaign, we worked hard together to not only reach but greatly exceed the end client’s goals and expectations.

Having worked with this Agency Partner and their client during the previous year to incredible results, we were confident in our ability to deliver on the trust and credibility we had proven.

In fact, with just a $7,000 increase in budget, we were able to generate a $41,000 increase in Return on Ad Spend. That’s a 480% ROI!

In this Conduit Digital Marketing Case Study, we will take a look into our Agency Parner’s client, Casino Pier, and the amazing results we were able to create with them.

What They Needed

Our Agency Partner came to Conduit Digital looking for digital solutions to bring their client Casino Pier incredible success. With a yearly flash sale on Easter weekend for their customers, Casino Pier was looking to drive more sales with ½ priced for tickets to their rides and amusement park.

Over the 5-day flash sale, Conduit Digital worked with our Agency Partners, using the data we had acquired from the previous year to build a goal-oriented campaign to drive increased results for this end-client.

We closely analyzed the Easter sale data from 2018 to develop a strategic approach to achieve superior results for the 2019 sale.

Our team chose to maximize the potential in Casino Pier’s home county, Ocean, followed by a strategic expansion into select counties with a hyper-focused audience targeting and frequency strategy.

Conduit Digital's Solution

After developing an appropriate budget to exceed our 2018 benchmarks, we cultivated a campaign strategy that would see the budget allocated over a multi-product campaign.

The campaign was designed to focus on acquisition, advanced acquisition, brand awareness, and sales.

Our approach to getting our Partner’s client through the marketing funnel included a Programmatic Audience Targeting campaign and a Social Advertising campaign, along with Programmatic Video and Paid Search campaigns.

Programmatic Audience Targeting Strategy

To start the journey of taking Casino Pier through the marketing funnel, we created a comprehensive Programmatic Audience Targeting campaign.

Programmatic campaigns are designed to raise awareness. We used data from the 2018 sale, as well as data collected from studying competitor’s campaigns to develop a winning strategy.

Our Audience Targeting team recommended an emphasis on Casino Pier’s home, Ocean County, NJ. According to the data our team analyzed, Ocean County had the highest waterpark sales, highest Easter sales, and the best engagement.

Using the 2018 campaign data, we were able to retarget over 5,000 users.

Conduit Insight: The power of a previous customer is more important than ever before. The ability to remarket and retarget existing customers will save your end-clients time, money, and resources.

Behavioral Targeting

We utilized Behavioral targeting to play a strong role in creating conversations and ad engagement with potential customers. Behavioral targeting involves building a custom keyword list of terms your client’s ideal audience is searching for. We use these terms to place your clients’ campaign ads directly in front of that audience.

We were able to generate 164.5K mobile geo-optimized impressions in Ocean County alone. Conduit also generated 120K Ocean County impressions through behavioral targeting.


In addition to behavioral and site retargeting, we utilized geofencing. Geo-fencing measures the foot traffic driven to a campaign by targeting people who have visited a campaign relevant location.

Conduit Digital was even able to reach all of the emails we acquired from last year’s campaign, or use any list of visitors with addresses they have in order to have the largest reach.

Social Adverting Strategy

In order to generate interest and consideration on our journey through the marketing funnel, we utilized a social advertising campaign.

Our Social Advertising team decided that Facebook, having reached over 160,000 users and driving almost 7,000 converted users in the previous year’s campaign, was the ideal platform for this campaign.

Based on our projections and data, we aimed to reach over 3X more users with our 2019 strategy. Over the course of 3 weeks, our Facebook Blueprint Certified Experts ran 3 different Facebook campaigns.

We used an awareness campaign to spread the word of the event. Our team generated these new leads for new audiences. Then, we ultimately converted them into a sale.

Core Audiences

In order to achieve this, we created core audiences that were built to reach users who exhibit certain behaviors and interests on the platforms.

By targeting custom audiences we were able to show the ads in front of users who had already shown an interest in Casino Pier through website traffic, Facebook engagement, and lead data we collected.

Through these social strategies, we created over 1.2 million impressions, with a reach of over 348K. This led to our expert team generating 20,518 clicks.

Lookalike Audiences

Our team also utilized lookalike audiences to reach new, yet extremely relevant people with key similarities to those in the custom audiences.

Programmatic Video Strategy

We ran a programmatic video campaign through Youtube. Youtube Advertising enables users to harness the power of the largest video streaming website in the world to reach your target audience.

We were able to generate incredible results across many different screen sizes.

Conduit Digital’s emphasis when executing a YouTube advertising campaign is to bring the user through the “Consideration” part of the marketing funnel.

We utilized Casino Pier’s YouTube reach by expanding targeting capabilities. This enabled us to target audiences who have visited competitor’s websites and other local family activities.

In addition to targeting users who visited competitors, our expert team targeted audiences based on what they searched in Google. This enabled our team to have a more complete view of the client’s custom audience.

Having a complete view of the custom audience enabled us to deliver over 99K impressions in Ocean County and 51.8K impressions in surrounding counties. Our remarketing campaign generated over 1000 impressions throughout Ocean and other counties.

Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy

Paid Search advertising is used to bring our audience to the final stage in the funnel, “Conversion.” During this stage, we drove users directly to Casino Pier’s landing pages for final conversion.

Our Google Premier Partner PPC team strategized a dedicated paid search campaign that targeted the end client’s home country of Ocean County, NJ.

By implementing this strategy, paired with these google ads tips, we were able to lead the same Ocean County users through the funnel that we targeted in our initial Programmatic Audience Targeting campaign.

We ran a secondary campaign serving surrounding counties that were optimized based on engagement. That means that ads were delivered to the users who had most engaged with the content.

Our Results

Our multi-product campaign strategy paid great dividends for our Conduit Agency Partner and their client.

Our strategies were able to tangibly create real ROI for Casino Pier. In fact, with just a $7,000 increased budget investment from 2018 to 2019, Casino Pier made an additional $40,680 increase in revenue.

In addition to increasing ROI by over 480%, our partnership increased the general awareness of Casino Pier by over 47,000 new users.

Through the entire Easter sale campaign, Conduit Digital was able to generate a 38% increase in website traffic, increase engagement by 28%, and increase overall sales by over 20% for Casino Pier and our Agency Partners.

As seen in the information above, the 2019 campaign outperformed the 2018 campaign in every metric.

What Our Agency Partners Had To Say

“[This campaign] really has to make the most of converting to sales. [Conduit Digital suggested] that Casino Pier moved into a brand awareness campaign where we really cast a wide net to try to bring in as many people as we can to their properties. No matter what, be it a short sprint or a long marathon, Conduit Digital helps us get there.”

Conduit Digital enables your agency to provide complete digital solutions that your clients need through our services and strategic consulting. Our team acts as an extension of your team, constantly providing you with industry best practices and delivering exceptional results.









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