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Scaling Ad Management: Mastering the Transition to High-Value Accounts

Working with larger accounts involves so much more than scale. Expertise, experience, and infrastructure play crucial roles in navigating and managing Enterprise-level accounts. 

Managing ad campaigns at this enterprise-level scale requires a whole different approach compared to handling businesses at the local level. The importance of these Key Accounts to the Agency cannot go understated and should be treated and prioritized as such. 

Here are a few tips we’d like to share with you to help manage these large dollar accounts so that they not only thrive but grow!

The Importance of Enterprise-Level Management

Managing enterprise-level accounts involves high stakes and a thin margin for error. These key accounts require a precise, expert, and strategically foresighted approach. 

The complexity of these accounts extends beyond the increased budget to include intensified scrutiny and expectations. Recognizing their critical importance is the first step in enhancing your management strategy. These are not just clients; they are pivotal partners whose success is directly tied to your agency’s reputation and growth.

Elite Account Onboarding: Starting off strong

This crucial phase sets the foundation for tailored strategy development and ongoing success:

  • Thoroughly research everything about the client

  • Conduct internal team orientations to brief your team on the client’s importance as a key account and outline their responsibilities.

  • Understand what has and hasn't worked in the past to consistently deliver appreciated value.

  • Ensure your most experienced team members manage these accounts, not someone new, due to the complexities involved.

  • Leverage platform partners for planning help; these platforms provide vertical-specific data and performance metrics.

  • Use every tool available to refine your strategy with data-driven precision.

Elite Performance: Upgrading the Account and Setting Clear Success Metrics

  • Set clear expectations with the client relative to the opportunity, not just the existing budget.

  • Ensure alignment on performance measurements of success

  • Ensure your GTM tracking is precise, focusing on meaningful transparent metrics rather than vanity metrics. This will help eliminate scope creep (continue reading for how to mitigate scope creep!).

  • Implement quality control processes, such as having another set of eyes on campaign changes and setups, to prevent issues and optimize setup.

  • Spend more time on the account, go beyond platform optimizations, and look into CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and creative messaging data.

Most importantly, have fun and test! these accounts spend quickly and the amount of data you have at your disposal is awesome. With more resources at your disposal, the opportunity to test and optimize your campaigns is tremendous.

Experiment with different strategies, leverage the abundance of data and continually refine your approach. This not only enhances performance but also provides deeper insights into what resonates with your audience. (Important Note: Just please make sure you are constantly communicating what you plan to test. Clients hate surprises and will appreciate that you're communicating proactively.)

Speaking of communication...

Elite Communication: Scaling Communication with High-Value Clients

Clients with larger budgets expect and deserve superior service levels. Implement a communication strategy that includes:

  • Regular updates, comprehensive account analyses, and strategic consultations to build trust and foster a collaborative relationship.

  • Transparent tracking linked back to campaign goals to address scope creep and prevent irrelevant activities that waste billable hours.

  • Create a particular and transparent Tiered system of support deliverables that provides effective and efficient communication of your performance output that you can manage profitably.  

Case Study: A Model of Success

Consider the story of Conduit Partner Agency, which escalated a client's budget from $65,000/month to $1 million per month in one year through elite strategic performance and communication. Conduit increased monthly purchases by 1,590% while reducing the Cost Per Purchase by 70%. Conduit armed our Agency Partner with performance-driven Account insights and analysis, deep dives backed by our real-time data, and Strategically aligned Account Calls leading to constant momentum and opportunity. 


Scaling ad spend management for enterprise-level clients is an art that blends strategic intelligence with operational excellence. This transition requires not just a tactical shift but also a growth-oriented mindset. Confidence builds with experience, supported by a foundation of comprehensive understanding, expert execution, and dynamic client engagement. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you find that managing these “Whale” Clients are becoming too much of a challenge. Conduit’s superpowers are managing large multi-channel campaigns and have built up our confidence from experience. We also offer expert-managed services that you do not currently offer in-house, saving you the headache of crash-coursing new digital disciplines that you may not realistically have time to learn.

By partnering with Conduit Digital, you’ll be able to free up more time and resources for other important tasks related to servicing the “Whale”. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that the client is in good hands!

At Conduit Digital, we promise to reduce the risk of streamlining, upgrading & scaling your clients so you can become the best digital agency in your market. 

To discover how you can unlock the power of 20+ digital channels through one single partnership, Schedule Your Free Discovery Call Today!









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