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The Ultimate Reseller Guide for White Label PPC

Sep 3, 2021

Get the Most Out of Your New PPC Advertising Product

If your agency is considering partnering with a white label PPC advertising provider, you may be wondering how you can effectively resell these services to your clients? In this ultimate guide, we’re going to show you how you can effectively resell PPC to that client you’re looking to land or expand. 

How to Communicate the Value of PPC Advertising to Your Client

As an agency leader, you’re probably familiar with this scenario: Your client clearly needs to take their digital marketing strategy in a new direction, but there always seems to be a disconnect when you try to sell them on the idea. Instead, they are either happy to continue doubling down on current campaigns or they start to consider scaling back their marketing investments.

When you speak to your client about PPC advertising, one of the questions you will probably have to answer is “Why should I spend money on that?”. Without a thorough and authentic answer, your attempt to expand the account can fall dead in the water.

Here are some unique selling points of expert-managed white label PPC campaigns that you can offer to your client.

Jump to the Top of the SERPs

PPC campaigns place your client’s website at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). This occurs when a search user enters a term relevant to the keywords that your client is bidding on. Rather than hoping your website ranks organically for that keyword, you can cut right to the front of the line and get your business in front of desirable eyes.

Only Pay for the Clicks You Receive

It’s in the name: Pay-Per-Click advertising means the client only pays for the clicks their ads generate. This method results in an invest-as-you-go structure that only costs the client when it is producing results.

Target the Most Likely Conversion Prospects

Unlike text-based newspaper classified ads of old, PPC ads allow you to target specific audiences that are most likely to convert on key performance actions (KPAs). Beyond matching users’ search terms, you also can tailor campaigns to reach specific people based on factors such as location, demographic data, and much more. Rather than broadcasting your ad to any and every set of eyes, you’re putting it in front of the right sets of eyes.

Multiple Types of PPC Ads to Choose From

Beyond simple text ads, there are many other varieties of PPC advertising formats that you can take advantage of. You can use a single ad format or a combination that best suits your client’s business goals. For example, Google offers ones that include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Shopping Ads – Promote a product that your client is selling on their website and pay when a user clicks through to the landing page.

  • Local Services Ads – Professionals in select industries can advertise verified service listings to search users. For example, a local personal injury lawyer can create an LSA ad that targets people who search terms like “personal injury attorney near me.”

  • Click-to-Call Ads – Ads specifically designed to drive phone calls for businesses. These display only on devices such as smartphones where the user can place the call instantly.

Expert-Managed Campaigns

When you connect with a white label PPC advertising partner like Conduit, you have access to a team of certified experts that apply their expertise to your client’s campaigns. This ensures that the campaigns:

  • Are designed based on your client’s desired KPAs

  • Feature high-opportunity keyword strategies

  • Implement effective ad copy compliant with PPC best practices

Of course, you do not have to disclose that your agency works with a white label digital performance partner if you do not want to. In our experience, about half of the agencies in our network actively promote that they work with Conduit’s team of certified Google Ads and Bing Ads partners. Some prefer to call our PPC advertising team their own, which we are equally excited about! That’s the beauty of a white label partnership.

Track Your Campaign Performance in Real-Time

We believe that successful white label performance partnerships are built on transparency. When considering a PPC advertising partner, look for one that offers transparent data reporting on each of your client’s campaigns. This allows you to show your client how their campaigns are performing in real-time. This may inspire your client to invest more in PPC in the future or can open a productive conversation about adjusting strategy if the campaign is underperforming.

It’s All About ROAS

All of PPC advertising’s unique selling points are moot if the performance doesn’t align to drive return on ad spend (ROAS) for your client. However, with an expert white label partner, you can ensure that your client’s campaigns are set up for the most success possible.

At Conduit, we help successful agencies across North America scale to the summit with a full suite of digital products. If you’re interested in adding white label PPC to your arsenal of solutions, contact us today to learn more about white label partnership.









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