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Down to the Wire on GA4? Here’s a GA4 Reporting Journey Cheat Sheet

Jun 21, 2023

Google Analytics A4’s full and permanent rollout is happening in less than two weeks! As we’ve mentioned in our previous pieces on the new analytics interface, it will replace Universal Analytics on July 1.

After that, UA will no longer collect new data. While you’ll still be able to view and create backups of your UA data for 6 to 12 months after the fact, what really matters at this moment is how you transition your clients to GA4 and set them up for a new data frontier.

If you have not joined the migration to GA4, the clock is ticking, and doesn’t have many ticks left. To help you cross the finish line, we’ve compiled a comprehensive cheat sheet to help you confidently enter this new era.

Get Your GA4 Reporting Journey Cheat Sheet Now

What’s Inside Your GA4 Reporting Journey Cheat Sheet?

What’s Different About GA4 vs. UA

In this section, we’ll cover a quick, but highly comprehensive summary of the most notable changes between GA4 and its predecessor. If your clients, or your team, have questions about the most significant changes that they need to pay attention to, it’s all here!

Reporting Journey Overview

What is GA4’s most notable contribution to its new interface? Reporting with Google Analytics is now far more simplified and streamlined than it was with UA. Rather than navigating a large menu of tabs, you can more intuitively find the reports that you need.

Finding Specific Types of Reports

To find reports that are most impactful for paid and organic campaigns, we provide you with a quick roadmap to accessing common reports offered by GA4 so that you can find the data you need. Use this cheat sheet as your compass to maintain your reporting continuity!

Still Need Help with GA4? Let’s Talk

At Conduit Digital, we partner with established and successful agencies to equip their operations with elite performance, communication, and reporting capabilities to scalably deliver better results for clients and confidently say “yes” to any new opportunities.

If you’re still preparing for GA4, we can help you set your agency up to enter this new data collection and reporting era with the assurance that you have a partner in your corner with extensive experience in the new interface. Using our unique APP dashboard, you can view your clients’ UA and GA4 data all in one place to maintain ultimate continuity throughout your reports.

Schedule a call with us today to learn how you can scale your agency with Conduit across 17 different channels in a single partnership.









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