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Give Your Agency Something to Love this Valentine’s Weekend

Feb 9, 2022

Say “Yes” to Better Opportunities with the Gift of Partnership

Everyone appreciates a loving gesture during Valentine’s Day, even agencies. While your business may not blush at a heartfelt letter, smile at the sight of fresh flowers, or admire your brave attempt to battle for the last box of chocolates at the grocery store, there are plenty of other ways to show it the love it deserves.

Give Your Agency the Love it Deserves

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas to give your agency something to love this year with the power of a white label partnership.

First, What is a “White Label Partner”?

As demand for agency services increases, leaders and decision-makers are seeking innovative solutions for scaling beyond their internal capacity and capabilities. White label digital marketing partnerships allow you to extend your in-house team with another team of certified experts while maintaining profitable markups and brand continuity. 

However, there are multiple types of white label providers. Chiefly, they are categorized as a platform, vendor, or partner. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

  • Platform: Largely software-based, little support from the provider, requires existing expertise for specific digital marketing services

  • Vendor: Limited scope of products and highly transactional, fee-for-service model, and difficult to gauge the quality of deliverables

  • Partner: Fully integrated into your agency operations, ongoing communication, holistic product suite, and hands-on campaign management by certified product experts

At Conduit Digital, we strive to be the elite performance partner for successful digital marketing agencies worldwide. Arming your business with a holistic product suite, single-point-of-contact communication, 100% US-based certified analysts, 24/7 live reporting, and a full library of sales support materials we enable you to say “yes” to those can’t-miss opportunities.

5 Ways to Leverage a White Label Partnership and Show Your Agency Love this Year

1. Equip it With a Holistic Product Suite

A holistic product suite allows your agency to proactively identify and meet clients’ needs as they evolve. Your services are helping their businesses grow, and it should be expected that strategies will need to expand, adapt, and pivot over the duration of the account relationship.

When your agency is equipped with a full range of services, this gives you the ability to confidently say “yes, we can” to opportunities to expand your accounts. It can also enable you to also quickly onboard new client campaigns at a high level from the onset.

With a white label partner, you can instantly onboard new campaigns for digital products beyond your internal scope, such as SEO, Paid Social, and OTT Advertising. All deliverables and reports can be fully rebranded to your agency or client to ensure that you maintain continuity with the rest of your services. 

2. Grow Your Team with Expert Analysts

In our hundreds of conversations with agency leaders, one topic remains at the top of mind for many: 2022 is all-systems-go.

As more businesses across the globe enlist agencies for their digital marketing expertise, this places an additional need to extend in-house teams. As labor shortages continue to impact nearly every industry, stabilizing internal capacity without reducing performance quality is critical.

Unlike a vendor or platform, a high-performing partner can supplement your team with a team of their own certified analysts. Look for a partner that offers single-origin campaign management without additional offshoring or outsourcing to ensure higher-quality deliverables and performance.

3. Enhance Your Performance and Reporting

You want the best for your agency, and that translates to every aspect of the business. From campaign performance to reporting, you should not feel forced to compromise the high standards you set for yourself and your team.

A white label partner is designed to align with driven agencies that value and emphasize performance. From maintaining an internal team of highly qualified product experts to in-depth live reporting, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your client’s campaigns are designed inline with industry best practices while you concentrate more of your bandwidth on sales and your in-house core competencies.

4. Unify Your Campaign Communication

At Conduit, we built our white label solution on two foundational pillars: communication and performance. If you’ve read the sections above this one, then you know how much we invest in delivering elite performance for your clients.

Now, let’s talk about communication.

Communicating in siloes and juggling hundreds of email threads with 20+ contacts Cc’d on every message does not contribute toward your mission to scale your agency.

To deliver a better client experience, we house all of our communications on a single project management platform and provide your agency with a Client Experience Specialist who serves as your single point of contact for all of your digital campaigns. This enables you to receive timely, agile responses in the moment where important decisions need to be made.

5. Sell More Effectively and Retain Profitability

Beyond communication and performance, a white label partner should also provide you with the sales support materials you need to land and expand new accounts across all products. At minimum, these resources should include:

  • Product playbooks to enhance your knowledge of the new services you offer

  • A guide to help you leverage your new agency partnership effectively

  • A detailed rate card to allow you to create profitable markups for your agency

  • Case studies to show a proven track record of high-level performance

  • The onboarding infrastructure to allow you to press “play” on new campaigns as soon as possible

Give Your Agency a True Partner this Year

At Conduit, we believe that agencies struggle most when isolated and that community always stands a greater chance to thrive over competition. Your agency team works hard to deliver elite performance for your clients. Show them the love they deserve with a true white label partner.

To learn more about how you can show your agency love this year, visit our Agency Partnership page for more information or schedule a brief 20-minute discovery call below. 









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