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Scaling Your Agency in a Recovering Economy

May 19, 2021

Digital marketing agencies are the frontline of the economy. Driving successful campaigns produces measurable benefits for your clients and helps them sustain and grow their businesses. 

However, it’s no secret that the past year has left a devastating impact on various sectors of the global economy. Restrictions placed on business owners as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted revenues and limited resources. This resulted in many businesses closing or reducing external expenses. 

Agencies feel this pain, too. Can a client afford to continue running their campaigns? Will they be able to renew their contract? These questions can keep anyone up at night. 

Fortunately, humans are resilient creatures. We find ways to move forward. As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available and more businesses are gradually reopening, we are seeing signs of economic recovery in many sectors. As of May 2021, trends are showing that layoffs have dropped, hiring rates are increasing, and unemployment claims have steeply declined. 

In a recent interview with Velocitize’s Andy North, Conduit Digital CEO Tim Burke spoke about scaling your agency in a turbulent economy. Check out his full interview below: 

Tim Burke’s Tips for Scaling Your Agency 

Prefer to read about these tips rather than watch a video? We have you covered: 

Reduce Expenses without Reducing Quality 

Agency owners can reduce expenses without sacrificing the quality of their work. Three key ways to do this include: 

  1. Streamline your arsenal of digital tools. Quality always trumps quantity and reduces the number of platforms you’re paying monthly fees to. 

  2. Standardize your pricing for each service. This can help you forecast revenues directly based on quotes you send to clients. 

  3. Adopt airtight processes for your digital products. This streamlines the workflow and allows your team to better manage their time. 

Create a More Predictable Business Model 

The agency industry moves at lightning speeds. A day’s schedule can change by the hour and clients often reach out with urgent needs at a moment’s notice. 

By adopting a streamlined, airtight process structure, you can create a more predictable business model. Support this with transparent and proactive communication so that everyone knows what needs to be done now and what priorities are coming next. 

Use sophisticated project management software to help thread your operations together. At Conduit, we highly recommend Teamwork. We use their platform for everything from tracking time to client communications and sharing important campaign files. 

Offer a Complete Suite of Digital Solutions 

Offering comprehensive digital marketing services both draws new clients in and expands those you’ve already landed. If your agency cannot scale to meet your client’s changing needs, they may start to look for someone else who can and will. 

Lean Into Purpose-Driven Marketing

The digital ecosystem bombards audiences with countless ads and organic content. To cut through the boilerplate noise, your campaigns need to lead with purpose and value. Make your mission meaningful to your clients and tell their authentic stories through campaigns. When authenticity resonates, consumers will react. 

Support Your Internal Team with a Digital Fulfillment Partner

Many agencies excel at a handful of core competencies. For example, your team might dominate social media and paid search campaigns but struggle with SEO or programmatic video advertising. 

Partnering with a digital fulfillment provider can successfully run these campaigns for you. This results in more satisfied clients and gives your in-house team the ability to double down on their strongest skill sets. 

If you’re interested in a digital fulfillment solution, we invite you to view our partnership page and reach out if you have any questions about how we can help you scale.









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