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What Agency Leaders Need to Know About GA4

Jun 7, 2023

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) represents the largest and most significant change to the Google Analytics platform to date. Beyond establishing Events as a primary metric at the forefront of GA4’s capabilities, the shift has upended much of what agencies have thought they’ve known about analytics for years and has introduced a necessary paradigm shift.

On July 1, 2023, GA4 will officially replace Google’s previous Universal Analytics model as the standard analytics system offered by the tech giant. Universal Analytics will cease collecting new data and account owners will have a period of time to save the historical data before it is fully sunset and access is no longer possible.

We’re here. GA4 is happening and the shift will occur before you realize. Fortunately, this does not create a cause for panic. With some strategy, careful planning, and making the most of the time available, you can ensure a smooth transition from UA to GA4 and maintain a seamless continuity across your campaigns.

That’s why we assembled our latest eBook: The Ultimate Guide to GA4 for Agencies

View and Download Our Latest eBook for Free Here

What’s Inside

A Concise Yet Comprehensive Preview of GA4

Learn everything about the major changes that GA4 is introducing. After reading this eBook, you’ll know exactly what the most notable shifts are to the platform so that you can prepare to adjust your own measurement and reporting practices accordingly.

The Big Shift to Event-Based Data Collection

Why is GA4 treating Events as its primary metric? Why does that matter, and why is it a better way to measure performance? In this section, we’ll dive deep into Events and how to put them into the right context for your clients.

Notable User Interface (UI) Improvements with GA4

Along with a shift in how data is collected and measured, GA4 has also introduced new updates to improve the functionality and efficiency of its UI along with notable visual updates. Get a full preview of these updates and what they entail before you make the shift.

Changes to Dimensions and Metrics

How have dimensions and metrics changed with the introduction of GA4? We dive deep here to show you the significance behind these changes and which ones are worth paying the most attention to.

What You Can Do to Prepare Right Now

July 1 is not far from now. This section includes a practical guide to prepare for the Google-wide implementation of GA4 with confidence that you are fully ready for the big move.

Prepare Your Clients with an Original GA4 Adopter

Since GA4 was first introduced in late 2020, our Ad Operations Team at Conduit Digital has been an early GA4 adopter and has integrated this new system into the core of our measurement and reporting processes for our agency partners’ clients. Along with implementing campaigns across 17 different channels at the highest levels to the most complete multi-channel reporting processes possible, we give your agency the confidence to say “yes” to better opportunities knowing that you have the communication and performance infrastructure to take that next step towards scaling.

To learn more about how we can assist your agency in the GA4 era, schedule a call with us today.









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