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White-Label PPC: Start Growing Your Agency Today

Jul 22, 2020

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as it is also referred to, is a common and effective channel within digital marketing.

Many people within the digital space understand that PPC is a great way to drive conversions and leads for your clients by leveraging the bottom-of-the-funnel targeting capabilities that are available.

However, many digital advertisers do not either have the experience or the man-power to offer the set up and management of PPC campaigns to their clients.

If this is the situation that you find yourself in, then you will most definitely benefit from learning about white-labelled PPC solutions.

After reading this article, you will hopefully be more well versed in:

What Is White-Label PPC?

White-Label PPC is a process in which one agency leverages PPC management services from another agency, but offers these services to their clients under their brand name. Essentially, white-label solutions allow for the agency seeking out the services to do one thing: scale.

Let’s dive into PPC a little more. Pay-Per-Click marketing leverages search engines like Google and Bing to serve ads that are listed above the organic search results.

Within the account, marketers create ads consisting of headlines and descriptions that users click on to get brought to the client’s landing page.

To dictate who sees these ads, marketers include what keywords users can search for in the search bar, which is what makes PPC such a great bottom-of-the-funnel marketing channel.

You can essentially determine what ad copy gets served to a user who is searching for a specific keyword. When you incorporate other key tips and industry secrets to your campaign build, you will be able to create better ads than your competitors.

As previously mentioned, white-labeled PPC services allow the agency buying these services to scale their business without making modifications under their own roof.

This allows the agency to continue working within the marketing channels that they manage best and specialize in while adding in PPC to offer a more robust digital suite to their clients.

PPC is one of the most powerful channels in terms of driving conversions, and pairing this with other products will bolster the campaign’s purchasing funnel.

If an agency does not offer in-house PPC, partnering with the right white-label agency will only extend your offering and results for clients. Now you may be asking: What is the right white-label agency for me?

White Label PPC Partnership vs. Reselling PPC

Within the digital space, agencies looking to leverage services offered by another agency have options of how to go about doing so.

You may have heard of reseller programs and full-service white label ppc partnerships and how they are similar in many aspects, but it is very important to know the difference between the two when deciding what avenue your agency is looking to take.

A true, full-service, white label paid search partnership will essentially work as an extension of your agency. Partnerships can be customized to fulfill a multitude of needs within campaign set up, ongoing management and optimization, as well as reporting, client relations, and new client acquisition.

All aspects would be white-labeled, or rebranded to your agency, meaning that you clients would be of the understanding that all of the work is being done under your roof.

A PPC reseller is more specifically involved in running PPC campaigns across platforms like Google and Bing for agencies that do not offer PPC in-house, or are looking to scale more without taking on the cost of increasing their man power.

While signing on with a reseller, your agency will still be tasked with the client relationship side of the business. You would not be able to leverage a reseller for client prospecting, proposals, reporting, or strategic guidance.

Obviously the set up of an agency and what they offer is always different, which makes understanding what type of partnership to make very important.

Benefits Of A White Label PPC Partnership

If your agency is really looking to scale, then singing on for a white-label partnership might be in your best interest.

While no additional work will need to be done by your agency, you can make your product suite more robust without the hassle of building the product offering, ramping up expertise or hiring new employees, and creating sales collateral to acquire new clients in a space that you are less familiar in.

By essentially flipping on a switch, your agency will be able to bypass the headaches and time required to formulate a new PPC offering from scratch and ramping up expertise on the ins and outs of highly competitive search engines like Google and Bing.

Your partner will have you covered here, and the margin agreed upon will generally outweigh the overhead cost of creating your own solution.

With the right agency partner, you can be confident that your clients get great results from experts running your campaigns on Google and Bing along with strategic guidance that will negate client churn.

White-label partnerships are generally as collaborative as you would like to make them. This means that your team will always have a say in what service areas you’d ideally like your client’s campaign to focus on as well as the specific ad copy and keywords to achieve this.

This also means that transparency should never be a worry. This relationship will not be treated as a sign-up-and-hand-over-the-keys scenario.

Your team will be able to preview the campaign specifics prior to launch, and influence the optimizations throughout the life of the campaign.

Sticking with negating churn, your partnership will be a true extension of your agency, meaning that you will always be in a symbiotic relationship: when one side wins, the other does as well!

Simply because of this, you can be confident that all facets of out-sourced operations are carried out with two goals in mind: driving new business and expanding existing business for your agency.

Finally, and most simply, this new relationship will be an added revenue stream for your agency. At the agreed-upon management fee or margin, you can generate additional revenue from existing clients and new clients looking to run search ads on Google and Bing.

Join A White-Label Program That Will Change Your Company

If you feel that a white-label ppc partner is the solution that your agency would benefit from, we are confident that you have come to the right place. Conduit Digital has been helping agencies open doors for 7 years across 95 Nielsen markets.

Aside from offering expertly-certified PPC services, Conduit Digital offers a range of white-labeled ppc solutions that will help scale your business in the areas that you do not currently offer, and a full service team that will stand with you in every step of your process.

We aim to make things as collaborative as possible, as our main goal is to help grow your business.









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