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The Best Tools for Selling Programmatic Display Advertising

Sep 9, 2020

Programmatic Display Advertising has revolutionized the way that marketers buy & sell advertising space across the internet. As a marketer, what are the best ways to ensure that you are tapping into the full potential of programmatic, and how do you sell this potential to clients who may not be fully bought into digital? 

When it comes down to it, your programmatic solution can only be as good as the tech stack you’re utilizing. Within these tools and platforms lies the true benefits of introducing a programmatic digital strategy to your clients marketing efforts.

What Is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the use of software to purchase digital advertising space across the internet.

The advancements in technology are what have made programmatic advertising so popular today. The reliance on machines allows advertisers to obtain digital ad space in a much more efficient and cost effective way.

To learn more about Programmatic Display & Native Advertising, check out our Ultimate Guide here

One of the most robust marketing platforms out there is offered by Google known as The Google Marketing Platform. It consists of several tools that enable you to strategize, optimize, and report on the performance of your programmatic campaigns. Not to mention, using these tools will help your agency make money selling programmatic display

One of the biggest benefits of the Google Marketing platform is the ability to see campaign performance from various angles with tools to slice data in a seemingly unlimited number of ways to ensure you’re gathering desired insights.

What Is Google Display & Video 360?

Google Display & Video 360 is the Google Demand Side Platform or DSP.  This platform not only gives marketers access to purchasing ad space programmatically, but also provides an abundance of tools to help focus your campaigns targeting to reach the right audience at the right time, and provide users with a meaningful message and clean user experience. 

Within this platform Marketers have the ability to run several types of campaign ads. DV360 has the option of Display, Video, Native, Audio, YouTube, and Email. This variety allows for all campaigns to be housed under one platform and budgets can easily be managed and adjusted.

Another added bonus of DV360 is the variety of targeting options available to you when building out a campaign. These range from inventory targeting, to geography, all the way down to the ability to serve based on specific weather conditions.

DV360 has all of your bases covered and is fully equipped with the tools to help make sure your clients ads are reaching the right users, at the right time.

Google Analytics: What Is It?

Google Analytics is another product offered within the Google Marketing Platform that is an essential piece to not only marketers, but to anyone who is curious about how people navigate their website or application. 

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that provides data, reports and website tracking.

Google Analytics Tips

Put simply Google Analytics highlights three important pieces of information about your website. The first being Audience, which digs deep into who the people on your website are. What demographic are they in, what interest groups do they fall into, even insights into device usage. 

The second is Acquisition, which shows the channels they took to get to your website. Where are a majority of your visitors coming from? Are they searching for your brand name directly, or are they being sent via a referral from a specific social media platform? 

Finally it highlights user Behavior, which dives into what users are doing once they are on your site. Which pages have content that is showing to be the most engaging, how much time are people spending on specific pages on my site? Which sites are not receiving as much traffic as you thought? 

All of these insights play a huge role in the optimizations of a marketing campaign, and can further ensure that your ads are reaching the right people who engage with your site.

Now having the ability to set up campaigns, and analyze the performance is all a very important piece of digital marketing. But how do we tie both of those together in a way that our clients can easily understand? That is where Google Data Studio, the reporting and visualization tool of Google Marketing Platform comes in. 

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a completely free reporting tool that allows you to produce fully customizable dashboards to present the most important data to your clients. You have the ability to port over data and include a wide variety of widgets to create a clean and easily digestible report to tie the bow on the efforts put into a successful marketing campaign.

Data sources can be linked effortlessly to include metrics and statistics directly from Google Analytics and DV360, which again helps create a seamless connection between the tools offered within the Google Platform.

While each of these products can be used successfully as a stand-alone, the real benefit comes when they are used together. Being able to create a targeted marketing campaign through DV360, optimize that campaign based on insights gathered from Google Analytics, and report on those insights through Google Data studio is an easy and effective way to not only run a marketing campaign, but to share the success of it as well. 

At Conduit we utilize the Google Marketing Platform everyday to ensure we are not only set up for success, but also to know we are offering the best digital solution available anywhere in our space.









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