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Why Using Programmatic Display Advertising Can Make You Money

Aug 28, 2020

Before you can make money selling Programmatic Display advertising, a good starting point is reading our Ultimate Guide To Programmatic & Native Display. It quite literally is “the ultimate guide” that will provide you with the confidence and ammo to sell Programmatic efficiently, effectively, and correctly.

Great – now  that you’ve read that, we can help put you on the right path to making money selling Programmatic Advertising with these key tools. When you use programmatic display advertising in your marketing strategy, you not only will increase your ROI but it will also help increase your client portfolio. 

Benefits to Using Display Ads

When you are advertising for your client’s business, it’s important to keep three main factors: visual appeal to grab attention, target location, and the ads messaging. This is why display advertising has become so popular in recent years. With display advertising, you are able to deliver a visually pleasing powerful message, that gets in front of the target demographic. 

So what more could you want?

Other benefits to using display advertising include:

  • Visually Appealing

  • Built Brand Awareness

  • Effective Targeting

  • Increase Brand Visibility

  • Ad Retargeting Capabilities

  • Collect More Consumer Data

Understand How Programmatic Display Can Achieve Your Client’s Goals

Programmatic Display is an essential tool for driving brand awareness and obtaining significant reach across highly targeted audiences.

It allows your client’s brand to have access to 99% of the internet’s ad-servable inventory which helps reach their target users at the right place and right time.

Sounds like a pretty powerful tool, right? It can be, but it’s often sold incorrectly.

This can be prevented simply by understanding what your client is trying to achieve for their brand as well as knowing the fundamentals of what programmatic display can do.

For instance, say your client is a private gym owner who’s looking to drive awareness about her grand opening to fitness enthusiasts in the area.

Programmatic Display is the perfect solution for this! Through the use of first & third-party data segments, geo-fencing, search keyword targeting, whitelisting sports/fitness websites, and website retargeting, you could deliver a top-notch programmatic solution that reaches your client’s ideal market whether they’re at a competitor’s gym or browsing the latest health trends online.

Know That It’s the Foundation Of Successful Campaigns

Programmatic Display is like apple pie – it’s great by itself, but once you add ice cream, it’s 10x better. The ice cream to the Programmatic apple pie is any intent-based product, like Paid Search. The benefits of both are truly amplified when paired together to make a multi-product solution for your client. 

Referencing the same hypothetical gym owner client in the section above, imagine that their goal is to increase form fills for a free trial week on their website.

Programmatic Display isn’t going to achieve this goal as effectively as it could without the addition of an intent-based product.

That’s because it’s a top-of-the-funnel solution designed to bring brand awareness rather than drive bottom-of-the-funnel users to convert (i.e. fill out a form, make a phone call, etc.).

In the example above, the solution would be to run a conversion-driver product like Paid Search alongside a Programmatic Display campaign.

Programmatic Display would assist with conversions by nurturing potential leads at the top-of-the-funnel like retargeting interested users who visit the website.

Due to the awareness and brand recognition that this product brings, users are more likely to make an intent-based search, click on the Paid Search ad, and fill out the free week trial form (i.e. convert).

Be Transparent With Your Client

The nature of the Programmatic world sometimes allows for some sketchy players.

Clients want to know where their money is being spent, and rightfully so.

Separate yourself from the pack with transparent reporting for your client.

Provide things like domain-level metrics so they can see exactly where their ads are being served, conversion reporting, audience performance, demographic insights, and ad performance.

This will lead to trust from the client as well as establish credibility for your agency.

Moreover, by providing tangible results that can be translated to your client’s positive ROI, they will be more likely to increase their investment and/or expand the campaign to multiple locations or focus areas. 

Embrace the World Beyond CTR

We all know that the industry standard for measuring Programmatic Display campaigns is by click-through-rate (CTR), but it’s important to know that CTR alone should not define success. Clicks don’t provide the whole story (what happened after the click?) and they don’t necessarily mean a quality user (CMG Solutions). 

Some things you should look for to prove positive Programmatic Display campaign results:

An Increase in Direct Traffic

  • Programmatic Display campaigns are meant to drive more brand awareness, so an increase in direct traffic upon going live isn’t coincidental!


  • Yes, we said this product isn’t best for driving conversions like form fills and phone calls, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. These types of conversions demonstrate a highly engaged user, but you could also track page view conversions to show user behavior. This can provide some visibility into what your audience is most drawn to on your site and could even help make the case for an additional campaign. Maybe users are really engaged with the Employment Opportunities page? Recommend a Recruiting campaign!

Foot Traffic Attribution

  • Geo-Fencing allows your client to have insight into how their campaign is performing via offline conversions. By drawing virtual fences around brick-and-mortar locations that your client’s ideal audience frequently visits, and by fencing their location as the conversion zone, a Programmatic Display campaign has the ability to track visits from these users to your client’s location! This makes for a strong case of proving positive ROI.

So while it’s okay to use as a benchmark for your ad quality (is your messaging clear/engaging?) or keyword strategy, proving value beyond the click is key for getting your client to invest more in Programmatic Display with you.


Programmatic Display sells itself if its capabilities match the client’s goals. When you’re making money by maintaining customer satisfaction & providing proof of positive results that translate to their ROI, it’s easy to see why using display advertising is the right choice. 









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